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Corporate Matters is an Athens Greece, based firm specialising in Boardroom and NED advisory management services with major aim and focus in implementing Corporate Governance Principles and providing Executive Search and Training Services. Demonstrates a successful record of having organized top class Corporate Governance events under the auspices of the UK ambassador residence in Athens Greece, with the presence of world known experts.

Corporate Matters through its affiliation with the FT program & HOCG provides top class educational material re the latest developments in Corporate Governance. Every two years conducts a research regarding Boardroom trends, a research which is considered as a reference in the Greek Business Community.

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Support the strengthening and enhancement of Boards’ effectiveness, realizing the full potential for sustainable growth.

Organizations are complex social systems that require clarity of purpose, guidance and direction. Any organization is ultimately as good as those who lead it.

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What is getting in the way board Diversity

24 June 2021, 18:00

Investors, regulators, governments, customers and employees are increasingly pushing companies to increase the diversity of their Boards. And with good reason – not only is this the right thing to do, but the business benefits to having more diverse voices around the table are clear. However, many firms are still struggling to increase diversity on their Boards – and even those who have appointed more diverse Board members find it difficult to move beyond tokenism to harness the benefits of truly inclusive, diverse leadership. We will explore what is getting in the way of Board diversity, and what can be done to accelerate change.

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